300 Days of XP Extended Support Left

Primary support of XP ended 4 years ago but if you’re one of the few with an extended support contract with Microsoft, you may not be aware that all support is ending on 08/04/2014. If you’re still running Windows XP and don’t have an extended support contract, your business could be at risk as no one has been patching all the security holes discovered since 14/04/2009!

Windows 7 & 8 are viable alternatives – though use of Windows 8 may require some staff retraining and familiarisation. Apple’s OS X is good but hardware can be rather expensive and relearning keyboard layout and OS differences may deter many. Lastly, Linux in it’s many flavours from Red Hat to OpenSUSE to the currently fashionable Ubuntu have lots in common with Windows and runs well on old hardware but Microsoft’s Office and other premium tools may not be available. Pros and cons to each – it might be worth talking to us to find out what suits you best.